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Truth Discerner

Intuitive Channel & Guide supporting you along your evolution journey with unblocking, processing, and alchemic integration.

Offerig Soul Medicine

Soul Medicine

True joy and fulfillment is found in the progress we make towards becoming the most authentic expression of who we came here to be.

As an energy healer, channel, medium, and intuitive, I read energetics, transmute healing energy, and help individuals recognize and release the specific blocks of guilt, shame, and pain weighing on their life force and hindering their vibrant essence from fully expressing and manifesting. 

What unfolds through this practice:

  • Unblocking

  • Clarity

  • Release

  • Healing

  • Upgrade

  • Deepened connection with late and living loved ones

  • Deepened spiritual enlightenment

How I work with clients:

Release ($499 / 1 session)

Click here to schedule Release.

A guided intuitive session that reveals a specific emotional entanglement ("block") that is currently out of resonance with your authentic being and that you are guided to evolve from to live in your power and fulfillment. Our session helps you see what has contributed to the emotional entanglement, process and release unaligned energy related to it, and embody your authenticity and power. This may include a remote energy healing and/or sound frequency, guided meditation, or what your soul calls for its own healing, in addition to our discussion enticing emotional release. 

Alchemy ($999 / 2 sessions)

Click here to schedule Alchemy.

A two-part journey, scheduled throughout 3-4 weeks. Each session lasts between 1-2 hours. Energy alchemy and integration is likely to continue for up to 1-2 days post each session, it is advisable to set yourself up with the proper resources to anchor yourself along that journey (no conferences/busy work schedules, calm environment, embodiment practices, whatever you need to feel sovereign and steady in your body.)

Alchemy is for those ready to go deeply inward to fully understand their soul, excavate what is not supporting their path, and seek beyond the veil to embody their authentic self. 

Similar to Release, each session is intuitively guided and addresses a different theme surrounding a target area that is tied to a present day obstacle. The sessions help you process, remove or alchemize unaligned energies into greater wisdom, love, and authentic expression of your higher truth.


Until we meet, I invite you to connect with me on instagram for channeled messages and weekly insights. 

What To Expect

Each of us is unique so each healing space will unfold uniquely for each individual according to their present circumstance and needs. Sessions reveal a block to transform at this moment in your life in order to manifest your desires in grace, and with fulfillment and gratitude.

Some sessions may feel more intense than others. I advise that you abstain from scheduling meetings or activities immediately after a session, and to drink ample amount of water and rest/sleep in stillness for at least 30 minutes.

I don't advise that new clients schedule more than one signature healing per month, unless part of a designed program such as Alchemy, in order to leave space for integration in your body in between sessions. 


As a gentle reminder, I serve as a mirror, guide, and companion along this healing journey, but you are your own ultimate healer. You invite growth and transformation as you devote to your divinity.


The sessions provide insights and clarity for transformation, yet you hold the key to your ultimate freedom by processing what surfaces during the session, reprograming blocks into your authentic truth, and taking the appropriate aligned action.


I support you with guided meditations, channeled suggestions, and practices during our first session and in follow-on sessions.

Schedule a
Signature Healing Session

Find answers within.

Breakthrough confusion.

Alchemize pain.

Align with your truth.



“My first experience I came with curiosity and no set intention. What transpired was a deeply profound series of realisations and emotional release around topics I had not previously been able to process. My second experience I wanted to work with a certain thematic, and when we started with the notes Farah had taken prior to starting the call they were already aligned. What we weaved through in the session was very moving and in perfect resonance.
I arrived to Farah on recommendation and it transpired to be one of the most powerful sessions I have had with someone who is dedicated to supporting people in their healing journey.”
“Thank you so much Farah! Thank you so much for holding space for me. I really felt like I was talking to a friend, you made me feel so comfortable and welcomed as I am.💜 I’m going to practice what you suggested and will definitely be doing the meditations. Truly thank you so much, you are so gifted!”
“In one session, Farah helped me more than years of therapy and executive coaching. Working with her has been an incredible asset to my business. I have seen incredible progress and excitement from our customers.”​​
“I knew in my gut I had to implement what you shared for my company. It’s performing so well. Users are paying for it that we’re considering making it the main product of the company.”
"Farah, thank you so much for taking your time and talent and channeling for me. Wow, I’ve never done it before, but it was such an unlock for me! Thank you for pushing me to go deeper, and reading between the energy to give me spot on guidance. I’m going to try the practice you suggested now 🥰 you are amazing!”
"Genuinely thank you for todays session. Taking time to digest what was revealed and reflected. Beyond grateful for you. Your gift is a treasure and it is truly a light. Thank you🤍"
"I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH 💕 you’re such a gift!! 🥹 You have such a gift for communicating your messages with such clarity and I’ve never seen anyone take so much time to send such a detailed and loving note after a session. the email you sent me is so well written and moving and it’s the best email I’ve ever received, hands down! Thank you, thank you, thank you ✨💕"

My name is Farah, I grew up in Damascus, Syria until I was 15, then moved to the United States where I sought asylum with my family. After a decade in the U.S., I’m now called to make a home in Europe!


I’ve spent the early years of my career translating my visions into companies and products that I have built myself or consulted on. My approach to business is spiritual at its core. I see each company as a spiritual entity with a character and a message to share, and have a similar process for helping companies re-align and transform to what I use when guiding human souls towards deeper soul alignment.


While I’ve always been a highly empathic and intuitive child, my spiritual gifts evidently activated in my mid-20s, when I began to realize my ability to read energies, channel messages including from past loved ones, and receive visions of people’s inner children and higher selves to guide them along their growth journey.


Before that, I’d  spent hundreds of hours committed to my own healing through psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, yoga teacher training, meditation, and more. I continue to dedicate my life to my personal evolution, and now have the honor of supporting others along theirs.


I believe we all came here with a unique purpose. The analogy I like to give is that of a puzzle piece. Each of us holds the unique puzzle piece shape to make a perfectly fitting full image. When we’re living in our authenticity, we are serving at the highest capacity and living most fulfilled; we are embodying the shape of our puzzle piece and perfectly connecting with the right people in the right places.


Yet the beauty of life is in the journey of evolution for alignment, so wherever you are in your process, it is my honor to witness and support you along your evolution. Thank you for sharing that gift with me.


Until we meet!




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